Overview on CPL Technologies

We envision that the next revolution in electronic device industry is through specialization and quality-improvement on each component in next 10 years. The new technology should be able to enhance component capability and efficiency, and meanwhile to reduce its manufacturing cost. Therefore, Cathay Photonics Limited aims to deliver an innovative technology and solution that provides cost-effective, high-throughput capability in fabrication of ultra-hard protection film on transparent substrates for applications in cover-glass of the electronic devices such as monitors, tablets and smart phones.

Sapphire is the second hardest transparent material in the world. Using sapphire plate directly as cover-glass can provide excellent protection from scratch, but the drawbacks are expensive, heavy, high brittleness and difficulty in processing.

To be alternative, Cathay Photonics Limited has developed an innovative approach, “Sapphire thin film on transparent substrate”, which has several advantages; such as ultra-hard property, less brittleness, light-weight, and ease in processing. Our sapphire thin film can also provide excellent protection from scratch, and has been verified it possesses hardness value over 8 in Mohs scale. CPL has developed and filed a number of patents on the unique technique to deposit Sapphire thin film, which is able to apply in large-scale manufacturing easily.

CPL’s sapphire thin film will mark the beginning of the deployment of a novel and affordable scratch-free and ultra-high hardness technology for cover-glass applications in electronic devices worldwide.

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