Sapphire Layer on Flexible Plastics Cover

A patented process to deposit an ultra-thin layer of sapphire on to a flexible plastics substrate;

  • The technology has extended to plastics (e.g. PMMA, PI) and the deposition process uses standard industrial mass production equipment.
  • The surface hardness can be double the hardness on PMMA & Polyimide (PI) film – achieving >5H Pencil Scale. Therefore by having the sapphire thin film, the display cover is more durable and less easily scratched.


  1. Surface hardness upto 5H pencil scale
  2. Sapphire shield that can be BENDING
  3. High transmission range: 84-91%
  4. Industrial Roll-to-roll (R2R) process
  5. Manufacturing cost effective


  • Flexible Display, Solar Panel, etc.

Our Patents:

  1. U.S. Patent Number: US 9,695,501 B1; Jul 4, 2017.
  2. U.S. Patent Number: US 2016/0024639 A1, Jan 28, 2016.
  3. PCT Patent Application Number: PCT/CN2015/089413, Sept 11, 2015.
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