newsA press conference introducing our technology was held on 28 May 2015 in Hong Kong. ArmoGlass™, the ultra-hard thin film, was exposed in the eyes of public. Its strength in hardness and anti-scratch was the talk of the conference. Possible applications such as on smart phone covers, flat panel displays and cameras were also discussed by our director, Prof. Kok Wai CHEAH. In addition, a scratch demonstration on ArmoGlass™ by key was shown in the conference.

Numerous local journalists attended the conference.

Media Coverage

  • cc(東網)(27 May 2015), 港澳版, “浸大「鐵甲玻璃」可保輕觸顯示屏防刮花
  • Wen Wei Po (文匯報)(28 May2015), A28,  「『鐵甲玻璃』護手機 浸大料明年中應市 硬度媲美蘋果寶石屏幕 成本減半己申專利」
  • am730 (28 May 2015), A20, 「研創『鐵甲玻璃』 浸大 : 唔怕鎖匙整花」
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  • Ming Pao (明報) (28 May 2015), A18, 「浸大研發夠硬夠平『鐵甲玻璃』盼進軍手機屏幕」
  • Apple Daily (蘋果日報)(28 May 2015), A15, 「蘋果生活:浸大研發成本平一半鐵甲薄膜硬如Apple藍寶石玻璃」
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  • The Standard (英文虎報) (28 May 2015), P11, “ Hard work pays off on scratch-resistant glass”



Some reports were attached below:

Apple Daily

Oriental Daily