Cathay Photonics Limited is a Hong Kong based company, founded in 2014 by a group of physicists and engineers with extensive experience in photonics and optoelectronics industries. Bearing the vision of improving the quality of life, CPL is engaged in a business of research and development, commercialization, marketing, and sale of specialty-coated glass and ceramics products. The Company has developed an innovative and advanced product portfolio, based on state-of-the-art thin-film deposition and post-treatment process. A number of inventions have been filed for patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The experts at CPL are dedicated to providing creative solutions for the photonics and optoelectronics industries. With more than 60 years of cumulative R&D and industrial knowledge, CPL has the ability to take customer’s needs from the conceptual stage, through engineering-design, to final manufacture.

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